First Impressions


It’s a little daunting writing the first post of a brand new, sparkling-clean blog-site.  How do I make you feel welcome and coming back to say hi? Not sure, but I figured I’d let you know a little bit about why I’m doing this, and my intentions for this little place on the web.

I am an artist. Well, I feel more like an “artistic-type” anyway, but when I say that I feel like I am shaming myself. In complete honesty, I feel like an impostor calling myself an artist. I haven’t perfected any craft, skill, talent, or vision. But I do know that appreciation for the feeling-side of life flows through my veins as deeply and as naturally as if it was my own blood .

My therapy in life seems to lie in creating images through photography, writing words that express my heart, and creating music about the experiences I’ve had. I’ve had a photography business (since closed for more family time) and blogged along with that for years.  If you are following me here from there, thank you. I plan to share my photography on this website from now on. I also created a website that focused on bettering ourselves through various life habits, but after about a year of blogging, I found that it wasn’t where my heart was, and there were plenty of other people on the web sharing just as good, probably better ideas, thoughts, and information. My music? Well…it’s primarily personal. I don’t even dare to share it with my husband, but I hope to overcome that fear at some point, and maybe even share some of it here. It’s nothing that will ever be on the radio, but it’s a part of who I am and the way I see the world.

All that said, I really just wanted a landing place that was mine, that I could share my art with you in whatever capacity, and not tied down specifically to my photography site, or anything else.  I do hope you’ll come back and find a place of connection and inspiration here.


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