Beautiful child, full of wonder.

On the brink of something bigger.

Womanhood, life, and all that it holds:

Love, laughter, broken hearts, tears. Growth.



Blossoming from the Earth.

Roots firmly planted, and surrounded by sun.

Rainy days may come sooner than you know. But that light inside…

Never let it go out. That light of curiosity, happiness, and goodness. That self-nourishing light is you.


Take note, sweet child,

Take note of your heart. Know it.

What makes you happy? What makes you feel safe?

Never ever forget those two important things. As you grow, you will have opportunity to lose them.



But if you do, remember that you once knew,

Remember that it’s somewhere inside, and have the courage to find it.

Because life is full of opportunity to find it again. You are on the brink of something phenomenal.

But a young woman now, life, in all its glory, all of its complicated splendor is simply around the corner,

Waiting for you to discover it.


Aunt Joanna




IMG_0322 copy


IMG_0333 copy

IMG_0308 copy


P.S. I’m waiting on some film, but here’s a sneak peek!



2 Responses to “Brooklyn”

  1. […] I opened the next folder of the film I took of Brooklyn. Sigh…I had such high hopes! But nearly 1/3 (maybe more like 1/4) of them were out of focus. […]

  2. Jamie says:

    joanna those are beautiful!

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