“Your Scans are Ready”

Those are the words I long to see in my inbox after I send my film to the lab to be processed. And those words showed up in my inbox this morning!! I had expected it two days ago, so I was so excited to finally see them!

I turned on my computer…logged on…downloaded my images…and with anticipation, opened the first folder. It’s kind of like Christmas morning when you are little…what is inside? I was fairly excited with my first roll (family vacation and my son tried surfing for the first time…I’ll share those later), but I also noticed some weird squiggly things on some of my scans, and I don’t think it’s an artifact of the way that I shot the images (though I’m sure the exposure was not perfect, this looked like more of a solution/chemical/processing issue).

Then I opened the next folder of the film I took of Brooklyn. Sigh…I had such high hopes! But nearly 1/3 (maybe more like 1/4) of them were out of focus. Oh man, what is my deal? Why can I not just perfect this one thing? I’m so disappointed with myself. One roll from one camera had light leaks (huh?), and the processing from the lab was completely inconsistent (like all the rolls I send them)…between the solution issue and the color issue, I am definitely re-thinking labs, but that doesn’t help my own issue of getting the focus right.

Sigh. I will keep on trying. All that angst aside, I did some great imagesĀ of the BEAUTIFUL Brooklyn Kate.

000095640006 copy










000095650023 copy


You see why I love film? I have to figure it out. It is beyond amazing the way it looks. Not only that, but I am forced to be so much more thoughtful about the pictures I take (film is expensive, ya’ll). I remember when I was in high school and I took a class on using film. We had to roll it ourselves, expose it (take the pictures), and then process it in the solution in the dark room. I can honestly say it was one of my favorite and most memorable classes. When I got married Jason owned a dark room with all sorts of amazing equipment. We ended up selling it, and getting rid of some of it (to DI). At the time I didn’t know I’d have such a love affair with photography, but now I could just kick myself for not hanging onto that gem. Still, I’m thinking about getting my own dark room setup for doing black and white film processing. Color I would still need to send off, but it would cut costs significantly. Plus I think I’d really enjoy the process.

Are you working on anything new or interesting?

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