Obligatory back to school post

My kids are growing up.

Like, really growing up. This one…he’s in 9th grade! How did that happen? Suddenly he’s participating in things like high school marching band, and high school pool parties, and experimenting with style, and completely girl crazy…he’s being mistaken for older than he is…and we’re (dare I say it) getting along famously. I seriously have so much fun with him. He’s finding his own identity, and most days I feel like all I can do is hope that I planted good solid seeds for his life that is right around the corner.


And when I posted on Facebook the first day of school status, I realized something…one is in 9th grade and the next child is in 3rd…and that sounded like there was a HUGE, MASSIVE age gap in my kids.

But…it’s only not-quite six years. You mean to tell me they go from this to that THAT QUICKLY? I’m dying a little inside. Truly. But, this one, who has struggled so greatly understanding social norms, has decided that 3rd grade will be a good year. And since he said it will be, I believe him. Because he doesn’t say anything without meaning it with his whole soul.


And what can I say about her? My second grader. She still feels like my baby. She still has her top baby teeth. But she’s showing me that she really cares about doing well, and being responsible, and working hard. She prides herself on working hard. And I mean no disrespect to my other kiddos when I say that it’s so nice to know that I have one child who craves being a hard-working, responsible human being. (I celebrate the strengths and struggle with each of them individually.) She is so beautiful to me, and I am grateful that my Heavenly Father blessed me with a daughter.



And my real baby…well, he started pre-school this week. I’ve been looking forward to this day for years. And honestly, it’s a little weird. I’m sure I’ll get used to it quickly enough. 😉 I love my kids, but I like my own time too, and it’s been a long time. It’s an adjustment for him too. Two days, and both days he’s had his “apple” fall off the tree (his teacher’s form of discipline), and he’s been the ONLY one. <<Sigh>> Story of my life…my boys love to push boundaries (I’m guessing they got that from their mother). He’ll figure it out though. And really, I dare his teacher to be upset with this cute face. It’s impossible.


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