Always Looking Forward

Wow, what a busy week last week was. I never got around to Wordy Wednesday (but it’s coming this week) because it was so busy. Lots and lots and lots of canning. I’ll probably talk more about that on Wednesday, but let’s just say it took over my last month.

Needless to say, I’ve really been looking forward to getting back into routine. I’ve been thinking about what I’m going to to do once I get the house back in order (I say that like it’s ever in consistent order…it’s not).  I figure it’ll take me the month of October to get things somewhat where I want them. And then comes November.

Ahhh…November. You know what I did last November?

Well, besides…

Taking some last minute fall pictures of my kids, and


taking my little girl to the Nutcracker (tradition!), and


admiring the beauty of winter’s flirtation, and


taking my family to NYC, and


of course, speaking my mind….



I decided to participate for the first time in NanoWriMo.

Nano, what?
nanoNational Writer’s Month. The goal is to write 50k words to help you get on your way to writing a novel. So I wrote almost 50,000 words, almost. I  was well on my way anyway, but then life (above) happened, and I never finished. Nor did I touch the story, but once, since that time. And I’m wondering…should I participate again? Am I really a novel writer? Is this just an interesting exercise in mind flow/creativity? I LOVE reading novels…but I’ve never been sure that I want to write one. I come up with lots of great one-liners/story prompts/moments…but how do I tie those into an entire novel? It’s pretty darn tough.

But, I’m thinking I may try anyway. Do I pick up where I left off? Spring off the old idea? Do something totally new? Good question. What do you think?

2 Responses to “Always Looking Forward”

  1. Do iT! Do IT! Write again! I am and you got farther than I did.

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