As I opened my eyes this morning the thought struck me, “How is it November already?” My head felt groggy from a lack of sleep, but I knew I needed to get up and get moving. I’d promised my grandma I would come visit her with my three youngest today. Really, all I wanted to do was curl back up in bed and go to sleep, but it had been WAY TOO LONG since I’ve visted my grandma (and since my kids had visited their great grandma), so I got up and moved my sore body and my heavy head.

Slowly, ever so slowly, each tired child woke and readied themselves to go visit their great grandma. Clothing was changed, a few bites to eat, teeth brushed, and hair that may or may not have been combed. We packed into the car and started driving and I, still heavy headed, started thinking about the irony of Halloween that turns into Thanksgiving. The greed of “give me candy” turns into “I’m grateful for…” (which very quickly turns into the rush of Christmas). I want to savor the the grateful part though, because the grateful part is all the good that I’m surrounded by. The people, the feelings, the things…the many, many blessings small and big.

So I’ve decided to do a photo a day on my Facebook page of something I am grateful for. I’d love to have you join in and play along. If you post a picture, link me to it! Comment on my threads, or post a picture comment. I want us to join together in this awesome spirit of gratitude, because despite some of the hardships we all face, there are many blessings to be uncovered.

Today I am grateful that my children get to know, experience, learn from, be loved by, and love their great grandma.

Joanna Taylor Utah Family Photography

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