A few things about Becky:

I met her soon after she had gotten out of the hospital after being hit by a large truck when she was crossing state street. Yes, this amazing woman faced a truck head-on…as a pedestrian (and a teenager)…and lived to tell about it.  She’s strong.

Becky became a quick friend, even though I hung out with her younger sister (who was my age) initially. Soon though, Becky became my best friend, and we were inseparable. So much of my teen years revolve around memories with Becky and her family. I practically lived at their house, and with 9 kids in her family, I might as well have made 10.

FACT: We used to have full conversations in our sleep. Yep. We were close. And we kept up one of her sisters all night on more than one occasion with our “conversations.”

Becky has always had a special place in my heart, and I am so happy she married a wonderful man who loves and treasures her the way she deserves (her wedding was such a peaceful, beautiful thing, I still count it as one of my favorites because there was just SO MUCH LOVE and RESPECT for each other).

And I’ll tell you what: I think she has 3 of the best behaved kids around. She deserves that too.



IMG_0672 copy

Love you Becky! So glad you are part of my life.

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