Looking Forward

We’re about two weeks into the new year. This is about the time that our New Year’s Resolutions are starting to lose their appeal. It’s about this time that we start justifying our laziness, our bad behavior/bad habits, and making excuses.  Or maybe it’s about this time that we realize that the goals we set were simply unreasonable, unattainable, or too lofty. Are you feeling it?

I’ll be honest. I haven’t set goals yet for 2014. But I have had a theme stirring in my heart for the year. Or maybe I really mean themes…plural…I don’t know. Nothing concrete other than this: patience & cadence.

Toward the end of 2013 I kept seeing the same theme repeated over and over (in emails I get, magazines I read, etc). And that is: What do you want out of life? I suppose that has been stirring as well. I wonder, what do YOU want out of 2014? What are you most looking forward to?

Some of you know I’m back in school. It’s an on-again/off-again kind of love affair. I signed up for classes, got my books, and started on faith with my hubby and I both received independent and strong impressions that I needed to be back in school, and now. I’ve learned to listen to those impressions. So I dove right in, and have simply been crossing my fingers that it would all work out. I was already registered at Weber for some classes a few semesters ago, so I went ahead and signed up for classes there. I have been trying to figure out how on Earth I was going to make things work for my schedule. There are only two total online classes, and everything else I’d had to do on campus. That’s okay, except I have a little one at home for the majority of the day still. My hubby works long hours, and I can’t always count on his help to run kids around to their activities either. So I’ve been worried, but have had faith about it working out. It always seems to work out eventually, doesn’t it?

So on Saturday a thought popped into my head to look at another local school for the program I’m interested in. Lo and behold they have a majority of their classes online, and a graduate program as well (which Weber did not). I hemmed and hawed…Realizing that if I were to transfer it would be beneficial in both these regards, and further realizing that it would not be beneficial for me to continue with a couple of the classes I’m currently enrolled in (as far as transferring is concerned), I talked with my hubby. We both felt good about moving forward with dropping the two classes that wouldn’t transfer well, and just keeping the one that will. So I did. And I applied at the other school, and am simply hoping that they’ll accept me and it will all work out.

All this to say, that this year I guess what I’m most excited about is finding those moments of serendipity. They always seem to pop up at the least expected times, but when we recognize them they can be the funnest realizations. What are you looking forward to this year?

Also, just wanted to share this teaser:
Valentines Teaser

They will be oh-so-cute, and full of love for your littles! If you are looking for a FAMILY session, be sure to look at my January minis. I still have a couple of spots open.



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