Love Sale

I have a question. (If you can’t see the video, go here or here to watch it.)

Remember those first moments when you were getting to know each other?

The way she looked?

The way he laughed when something was really funny.

The way your heart beat so rapidly when your hands first touched?

Remember falling in love?

What’s February if not the month of LOVE?  Well, I have some GREAT news!!

Are you ready for it?

Love sale is on

Gift certificates for BELOVED sessions available now for only $225 (reg. $325).  Invest in love: use in 2014 on a session for just the two of you. (All gift certificates currently include the digital images from your photo session.) To purchase your gift certificate click the button below, or email me using the contact form above.


4 Responses to “Love Sale”

  1. […] two of you walking hand in hand laughing….for the love, someone book me for this session with the LOVE sale! I have so many more ideas in my head for this session! (Like I said, I’ve been dreaming […]

  2. […] rain is washing my snow away, and it’s making me think it’s spring! So for today’s LOVE session idea, how about a fun picnic in the woods? We have so many beautiful areas in Utah. I have a few […]

  3. […] Just wanted to let you know that those signed up for my newsletter get an EXTRA discount on LOVE sessions. Be sure to sign up and I’ll send you the deal! Don’t know what I’m talking about? Go here!  […]

  4. […] our last week of What to Wear for your LOVE session (hurry and get your gift certificate, the sale is almost done!), I am just keeping it simple. When […]

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