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January can be so dreary, the magic of the holidays is over, and all you feel is cold.

You feel that way too, right? Like by the end of the month, everywhere you look you see dirty snow. Or maybe it’s melting in some spots, just teasing you that spring is right around the corner…but you know better? You know that in Utah, you really can’t plant anything until after Mother’s Day – and that’s not until MAY! (sob)

So you start planning for something…anything…for me it’s usually vacations or some other big purchase. I told my husband last year that if I start asking for some big dollar purchase in late January or early February that he had every right to shut me down. It’s a cycle, you guys. I swear!

But I had something to look forward to this January, and they absolutely brightened my day. Nay, my month. Such beautiful, beautiful, beautiful (did I say beautiful?) people. Observe:

Joanna Taylor Snow Pictures Utah

Joanna Taylor Davis County Photographer

Joanna Taylor Lifestyle Photography Utah

Joanna Taylor Fruit Heights

Joanna Taylor Kaysville Photographer

And I swear, the snow didn’t look so dirty with the adoration of these two for each other. Every Mama should have pictures with just them and their kiddos. I wish I more of my mom and me. And me and my kids. Maybe THAT will be my New Year’s Resolution (a little late).

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