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All this rain is washing my snow away, and it’s making me think it’s spring! So for today’s LOVE session idea, how about a fun picnic in the woods? We have so many beautiful areas in Utah. I have a few favorite spots right here in Fruit Heights/Kaysville area. But there are so many gorgeous canyons that we could really find just the right spot. Do you have a favorite place to hike? Do you have any special memories of places where you already had a picnic? Let’s do a session there! I have some fun activities that are designed to really bring out the emotion and the connection, so you don’t have to worry about it being awkward one bit. Some are fun, some are more quiet, but they will bring out the relationship you share.

Casual Picnic Joanna Taylor Com


Don’t forget that for the month of February all LOVE SESSION gift certificates are ON SALE! I really want to do more of these, so I’m giving you a killer deal. You can use these gift certificates any time this year, so we can schedule a session for whenever it works best for YOU!

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