March Mini Sessions

Good news guys, I have opened two dates for March mini sessions!

Now, if you didn’t get a chance to view this on my facebook page, you can see the song that I used as inspiration for March’s mini sessions right here.

Do you love that song as much as I do? Yes, maybe it’s because I *am* the luckiest! But, I’ll bet you are too. See, here are some reasons I’m the luckiest:

I have some beautiful supportive women in my life:

joanna Taylor sisters

A husband who loves and respects me, and really is my biggest cheerleader:

Joanna Taylor Love

And some really amazing kids:
Joanna Taylor KidsI have many friends that are super-duper incredible, some are family friends, other are girlfriends just for me (and some are both):

Joanna Taylor Friends

I get to travel and see some really cool things and have really neat experiences:

Joanna Taylor Hawaii

You see, I really am the luckiest. And I’ll bet you are too. Does this mean my life is always easy? No…in fact, I’m pretty sure that our trials are what help us to see our successes and blessings more clearly. That’s why for March (the month of luck), I thought it perfectly fitting to celebrate what makes YOU the luckiest? ┬áSo I’ve opened two dates for mini sessions. Have a best friend that means everything to you?? Let’s do a studio session! Do you prefer to simply celebrate your family (because they make you feel so lucky?), let’s do a session outdoors.

March Mini 2

To book your session, follow the link below, or contact me at the “contact” link above.

If you’d like a STUDIO session on March 8, click here:




If you’d prefer and OUTDOOR session on March 22, click here:


One Response to “March Mini Sessions”

  1. Janelle Woolley says:

    Hi Joanna! What times do you have left for March 22nd? My kids are getting back from a camping trip early afternoon, so later in the afternoon would work for us if you have anything.


    Janelle Woolley

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