What to Wear Wednesday | Rainy Day Fun

I walked out of the movie theater yesterday and a cold wind slapped my face. As my eyes took in my surroundings I realized it was raining. I was shivering…it was cold! “So much for a fun spring break!” I complained in my mind. But then the kids and I ran to the car, our refill of popcorn losing precious buttered kernels from the wind’s harsh blow, and we couldn’t help but laugh at the silliness of it all.

We indeed had a wonderful spring break! We camped (in tents, people!) for the first time as a family. I watched my kids as they climbed rocks that a mother never wants to see her small babies (even the fifteen year old ones) climb. Luckily they were on ropes, which made this mother’s heart palpitations slightly less hard. I watched as they overcame their fears, and even the previously mentioned fifteen year old smiled and exclaimed, “this is so much fun!” when just days before he was complaining that he wanted nothing to do with the rock climbing lessons that Dad had set up. We hiked to Delicate Arch, nearly blew off that rock (hello wind), and made it back down safely. We drove back to snow and made it over Soldier’s Summit and through Spanish Fork Canyon without injury, and felt grateful. We even made it to a very busy, very new aquarium in Draper and visited with family. What a great spring break we did have. Sometimes our minds just need to get out of their silly patterns of negativity.

So rain and snow, I’m turning my head at your bitter cold and saying, “let’s bring on the fun!”

April Showers¬†How fun would it be to bring a unique umbrella for each family member to play with during your family session? I’ve still got spots for April mini sessions, and extra free files to give to everyone that signs up…yep! I’m simply feeling happy today and want to share the love. Email me for more info using the “contact” form above.

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