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Would you look at that? Two baby bellies in one week! Can I tell you a secret? I adore photographing pregnant women. ADORE it. For some reason it’s just one of those things that fills my soul to the absolute brim and then spills over in happiness. Well, happiness + gratitude + awe. This time of life is such a short one, but it is an absolute miracle. It’s one where a woman’s body changes to an almost unrecognizable degree, and in ways that may never return back to “normal.” There may be a new normal…one that says, “Look what I did! I held life in my womb!” The sacrifices she is making to bring forth LIFE only begins in the body. The changes are not only physical, but emotional and spiritual, and continue on for…well…forever. A mother, once a mother, will always be a mother. She will sacrifice countless nights in love and worry, she will lose herself in this life for the rest of her life. So THAT is why I am absolutely in love photographing pregnant women. Could there be anything more fleeting and-in-the-same-breath monumental than these few short months?



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  1. Janey says:

    Oh Joanna, these are just beautiful! Thank you!

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