I think any one of Sendiea’s friends would see these pictures and tell her that she doesn’t need something like this to be beautiful. The truth is, they would be right–about every single woman, and about Sendiea in particular.

I never met Sendiea before this day, but she is inside and out beautiful. Genuine to the core. It’s so obvious to anyone that knows her how incredibly special she is.

I felt completely honored to take her photos and so glad she loved the experience as much as I did. These sessions are not to make you more beautiful. No! They are about celebrating the beauty you already have. I watch these women ¬†– REAL women (not models as some might assume)- ¬†express self doubts at the beginning of the session. By the end, they are so much more comfortable and trusting in what I’m asking of them. I don’t think it’s because of me. I think it’s because they are finally feeling the beauty that comes from themselves. And that is so, so powerful!


Beauty Headshots Layton Utah Joanna Taylor Photography

Weber Womens Beauty Portraits Joanna Taylor PhotographyWomens Portraits Utah Joanna Taylor PhotographyDavis County Utah Glamourous Photoshoot Joanna Taylor PhotographyShe let me have some fun with her, and I LOVE the genuine laugh she gives. Her laugh is so beautiful!
Joanna Taylor Photography Womens PicturesSalt Lake City Womens Portraits Beauty Joanna Taylor PhotographyJoanna Taylor Photography Womens PortraitsUtah Beauty Photographer GLamour Joanna Taylor PhotographyBeauty Portraits Women Farmington UTAH Joanna Taylor PhotographyDSC_5560Layton Utah Womens Portraits Joanna Taylor Photography

Thank you, Sendiea, for being so willing to let me photograph you, and for trusting me! You are a phenomenal, powerful woman.

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