My little monkey | Five | Utah Photographer

Meet Geo (short for Geoffrey). He’s my little monkey. Geo just turned FIVE! Whoa!

Layton Childrens Photographer Joanna Taylor Photography

He’s the baby of the family and I am so in love with him. Prepare for picture overload!Joanna Taylor Photography Davis County Kids Photographer

You might think he’s calm from a few of these pictures, but eye contact with this little stinker was nearly impossible…and a real smile? Ha…well, here’s the evolution of one:Modern Children Portraits Joanna Taylor PhotographyBut most of the time he just likes to pretend he’s a super hero…like most boys do.Kaysville Kids Photographer Joanna Taylor PhotographyHe really does have an inner strength that pours out of him so easily at times. SLC Kids Photographer Joanna Taylor PhotographyHe’s also pretty emotional. See that pout on the right? Yeah, we get that a lot at home! Holding the breath and letting it spurt out in dramatic exasperations. Poor boy…we walked into my studio and he said, “this place again?” Heck yes, this place again! 😉Salt Lake Utah Childrens Photographer Joanna Taylor PhotographyWhen I see him like this though, it gives me glimpses into his future. I can’t believe how grown up he looks!Syracuse Utah Childrens Photographer Joanna Taylor PhotographyRemember how I said it was hard to get a real smile? Here’s what I normally get when I ask him for a smile. Ha!Farmington Utah Photographer Joanna Taylor PhotographyFive year photos UT photographer Joanna Taylor PhotographyI love my little blonde-haired, blue-eyed boy. Bountiful Utah kids photographer Joanna Taylor PhotographyDon’t worry…I’m not the mean mama when I take pictures. We like to have fun! Run to me Geo!Modern Kids Pictures Joanna Taylor Photography SLCAnd STOP!Modern Kids photography Joanna Taylor PhotographyBut he didn’t stop, because he’s curious as all get out. This boy never really stops.Lifestyle kids Joanna Taylor Photography UtahLayton Utah kids photographer Joanna Taylor PhotographyBut, he is one cool dude.Davis County Kids photographer Joanna Taylor PhotographyOne really cool dude. Cool kids Joanna Taylor Photography

If you have someone with a birthday coming up, make sure and send them my way! We got all of this in about 30 minutes (and more…but I didn’t want to bore you).

P.S. I changed the resolution of my images so that they fit on my blog better…the other were just too big! If they look weird or bad to you though please let me know!

4 Responses to “My little monkey | Five | Utah Photographer”

  1. Joy says:

    What a gorgeous little guy you have there! I love all the different expressions you captured, his full personality shines through in these images.

  2. Sheryll says:

    These are adorable. Lovely job capturing different expressions on his face. The world is filled with too many “Say Cheese” images. 🙂

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