Despain Family | SLC UT Extended Family Photographer

Wow. It’s hard to believe that I’ve known this family for nearly thirty years. (That just makes me feel old!) But I remember meeting Sadie when I was little, and I was so excited to have a new friend to play with. And play and play we did…I spent a lot of time in the Despain home over the years, and I have so many distinct memories.

…Like macaroni and cheese (this is where I learned to make it). And beautifying your surroundings. And mannicotti. And learning to work with each other no matter your faults or decisions. And how hard it is to drive stick shift trucks. And love and forgiveness. And more. But I’ll stop talking about it and get on with the pictures, because I know that’s why you’re here. 😉

It was so fun getting to see how this family has grown, and to see their extended family. What a beautiful family!

Salt Lake City Utah Memory Grove Family Photographer Joanna Taylor PhotographySLC Utah family photographer Joanna Taylor PhotographyUtah Extended family photographer Joanna Taylor PhotographyUtah family photographer Joanna Taylor PhotographyUtah family photos Joanna Taylor PhotographyMemory Grove (in Salt Lake City) was absolutely gorgeous this spring! Look at that green!Extended family photos in Utah Joanna Taylor PhotographyMemory Grove Family Pictures Joanna Taylor PhotographyThey wanted to do a crazy sock picture. How dang fun is this one?SLC family photos Joanna Taylor PhotographyAnd one reason I love doing extended family photos is because the real personalities eventually always come out. 😉 Real Family Photography Utah Joanna Taylor PhotographyFunny Face Family Photos Joanna Taylor Photography

And be sure to come back tomorrow, when I’m announcing something insane. Well, most likely insane.

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