What to Wear | Grand Opening

I know it can be intimidating figuring out what to wear for a glamour/luxury session. Let me break it down for you!

You can go as simple as you want.


You can take it up a notch with something sparkly (think sequins, glitter, glass beads).


You could do something a little sexier:

Utah Boudoir

Don’t forget if you’re pregnant, this applies to you too!

Salt Lake City Utah Maternity Photographer Joanna Taylor Photography

Or you could go totally glam:
Layton Utah Womens Photographer Joanna Taylor Photography

Don’t know where to find glam dresses? Well, I made the one above with hand stitching and safety pins! Or you could rent a formal from somewhere like this or this.   Or, KSL has a ton. Here are just a few I found:

A lace dress

The long purple one is so elegant!

I love the top on this one.

A beautiful dress with sleeves.

There are many more options. Make sure to sign up for your spot here!


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