Friday Fess Up

Okay. So sometimes I have way too many thoughts rolling around in this head of mine. But they are more than thoughts. They are feelings too. Strong feelings. And I don’t always know how to handle my strong feelings.


And sometimes I don’t know how to handle my thoughts. But there is one thing I’ve found that helps: getting those thoughts and feelings out. Putting them into written word helps a lot. So I thought it might be an interesting practice to start a candid discussion called “fess up Fridays.” Some weeks my thoughts might be heavy, and others they’ll be light. Sometimes they’ll have to do with photography and sometimes they won’t. Sometimes you’ll learn way more than you ever cared to about me. Sorry. Actually, no, I’m not sorry. If you like who I am then you’ll stick around. If you don’t, you won’t. I’m okay with that.

This week I’ve had a lot on my mind.

Fess up #1:

(way too personal alert) I’ve somehow missed my period this cycle. Like it just didn’t show up. How does that even happen? Could I be pregnant? While it’s a possibility it’s extremely remote…my hubby got fixed five years ago. I know it can still happen, but it’s not likely. I did take two pregnancy tests to confirm, but they were both negative. Turns out stress can cause you to miss a period. Who knew? I’ve had my fair share of stress in my life and I’ve never skipped through a cycle before. So now I sit here stressing about it. And I’m pretty sure my PMS has increased ten fold because I’m so weepy and so snappy. My poor family, my poor friends. Sometimes being a girl is tough.
(p.s. the elusive Aunt Flo decided to show up whilst this was hanging out there. Hallelujah!)

Fess up #2:

I am on the last leg of my statistics class and I just feel like giving up. Everything is jumbling together and I’m worried I’ll flunk my test! BUT, I know that’s just silly because I’ve worked really hard and I should do a decent job kill it! Fingers crossed! And toes ;). Have you ever done anything really hard for you?

Fess up #3:

I’ve been feeling like a failure. I announced my Studio Grand Opening earlier this week. I really had hoped to get more excitement over it. So far all spots remain open. I don’t say that to have you pity me, but just to tell you I’m human and I have disappointments like everyone of you. I know I do a good job. I’m confident in my abilities. I know what I want to learn and do and I don’t think it’s unrealistic. I guess my frustration lies in the fact that I don’t feel like my posts/status updates/newsletter have the reach that they used to. Hardly anyone actually sees what I’m putting out there, and I feel at a loss. I have to get my name out there to be successful. But I’ll keep plugging along, because I really do love this. I love the art/heart part. But I love the business part too.

Learning + growth, always.

Hopes for the new week:

I hope to fill up my spots, I hope to ace my Statistics final, and I hope to feel washed over with peace + beauty. Do you want to fess up to anything this week? What are your hopes for the coming week? Blessings friends.


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