Friday Fess Up

Fess up #1

Okay, so I know I was tired and down in the dumps last week. So many stressors happening at once. But I have some good news.

Report Card

That’s right…100% on my intense 6 week statistics class. I’m happy as a clam about that one (what does that even mean?)

Fess up #2

I had to cancel my Grand Opening Event. Honestly, I’m pretty bummed. I really love what I do and I want all you women out there to see why it’s such an incredible experience, and to see yourself a little differently.

But that’s okay, because…

Fess up #3

I’ve been fighting a cold all week long. I did a boudoir session on Monday (and I can’t believe how much I LOVED it–you might have seen some sneak peeks on Facebook…more coming soon here on the blog), but by the time I got home I could tell I was getting sick. 🙁  And this week has been a doozy. I honestly haven’t had the time/energy to prepare for my Grand Opening. So it all worked out in the end, and it’s probably for the better.

My hopes for the coming week:

Get my house cleaned up and some organizational things done for work before I enter the busy season (ahem…if you’ve been thinking about schedule Fall Family Portraits, NOW is the time), and before school starts back up in a couple of weeks.

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