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One of the most frustrating part of family pictures is figuring out what to wear. I was talking to someone about family pictures earlier in the week and one of her concerns was that her husband only wears black, and she didn’t want to be stuck wearing all black too.  I told her that the wonderful thing about that is that it’s easy to build from. Here’s just one quick sample. (Ignore those creepy hands…I couldn’t take those out.)

Dad in all black, but Mom warms it up by wearing textured casual boyfriend blue jeans. Her shirt ties into her hubby by using black, but offers contrast and feminine form. She makes it even more playful with a chunky teal necklace and rounds out the warmth with a brassy gold cuff. She brings that sexy feminism in with red lips and high heeled booties. Teenage daughter gets to pull in even more fun for the whole family picture, while staying true to her fashion sense. Colorful and textural, but still a sleek line. And the sweet “baby” off the family (practically grown up) mimics mom’s stripes, but maintains her little girl status with red patent leather shoes and teal bow to match her sister.

Black + Green + Red


Click on the image above to be taken to my polyvore page where you can find out where to purchase these items! You can also see other ideas for what to wear for your family portraits here.

Fall is quickly approaching. I’m already booking into November. If you are interested in a fall family portrait please contact me soon to ensure your spot! I’m currently photographing in Davis and Salt Lake Counties, as well as Weber. But I have some spots I really love in Park City as well, and would be happy to make those work for you!

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