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I hesitated committing to boudoir photography for a long time. A lot of what I saw simply wasn’t my style. I prefer a more sophisticated, classy genre of boudoir. Nothing wrong with the way others approach it, just not my style.

I’m working on separating my websites. Very soon I’ll have my family photography website up and running. This one will remain in use for beauty, boudoir, and maternity photography.

I think there are some women out there looking for the kind of boudoir photos that I would prefer to take as well. So, I’ll do my What to Wear Wednesday post ┬átoday on something I don’t see used often enough in these types of sessions. And that is a sexy robe.



Click the image to be taken to my polyvore page…you can find out there where to purchase this robe.


This can be used in so many classy ways. A subtle hint, showing off shoulders, covering up a bum or belly you aren’t particularly proud of. It becomes less about what you are wearing, and more about the person, and I really love that.

If you’ve been considering a boudoir session, talk to me! Contact me at the inquire tab here.

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  1. […] Continuing on with the boudoir theme, this week here’s another idea to consider. Something vintage is surprising tasteful and sexy. The shorts help hide just a little more of the bum, but still give off that flirty feel. Be sure to click on the image to find out where to purchase this darling set. […]

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