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Robin Williams.

I think he’s been on a lot of our minds this week. And rightfully so. The world lost someone gifted enough to make millions feel something.

Robin Williams

And it seems that everyone has an opinion on the matter. From people calling him a coward, to basically saying he took the easy way outto people identifying with depression, to people who were personally impacted by his friendship. And more.

It’s been fascinating to see SO MANY people buzzing on facebook  and other social media outlets about their feelings on suicide and depression.

I think what has touched me the most though, has been the large number of people that came out and admitted that they have struggled with depression. Unlike the first two links above (which frankly just make me sick), I have seen depression front and center. I have seen suicide too many times to know not only the impact it leaves in its wake, but also the definite and very real struggle leading up to that decision. (Yes, Matt Walsh, it is a decision, but suffering from depression IS NOT).

I too struggle at times with depression and anxiety. It’s not easy. I too struggle feeling lonely, and also like a misfit. I too am a deep feeler, and sometimes far too sensitive to the slightest things not intended to hurt.

Depression is a real disease.

And now we hear that maybe it was the Parkinson’s Diagnosis that made him decide on suicide for a solution. Or at least that it was a contributing factor. But I wonder…if he was depressed, he probably wasn’t in a frame of mind to deal with the diagnosis. It’s all conjecture, and none of us will really know.

RWBut there’s still this. The outpouring of love in a time of deep sorrow. It doesn’t fix broken hearts, but it does tape them up. It does help them to keep functioning. Somehow.

I know. I’ve experienced this in times of deep sorrow too.

So today I will say this. Reach out to those you love and to those who show you they love you. Tell them how much they mean, check on a friend that pops into your mind, hug your neighbor next time you see her.

Just love. Because at the end of the day, that’s really all we have.




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