Tasteful Boudoir Photography in Utah

Kati (an amazing photographer herself) got in touch wanting some sexy, but tasteful boudoir photography. And I appreciate Kati letting me show you her pictures. A frequent fear to boudoir photos is that they’ll be out there for everyone to see. This is NOT true. I respect the privacy of my clients. Some people are happy celebrating and showing off the efforts they’ve put into their hard work, while others are more sensitive about that. Some don’t mind showing anonymous¬†photos, but just nothing that tells their identity, and still some want them completely private. It’s really up to you!

But here’s Kati. Brave and willing, but mostly just BEAUTIFUL. (Warning, if you’re offended by looking at a woman’s body, please just click off now. Remember, you can find my family photography over here from now on, and my women’s work will stay on this website.)

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Celebrate your beauty and contact me about your own boudoir session by emailing me using the inquire tab here, or give me a call. 801-414-8720

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