Celebrating you, maternity style

Can we talk for a minute about celebrating you, maternity style? Every woman (okay, maybe I exaggerate, maybe more like 99.99% of women) who has been expecting has at some point felt terrible being pregnant. She’s experienced any number and combination of the following: Morning/afternoon/evening/middle-of-the-night sickness. Swollen feet, ankles, hands, face. Acne, backne, chestne. Her stomach has stretched beyond its capacity and has left scars in its path. Sometimes significant. And this itches and hurts. But this isn’t limited to the stomach. Chest, hips, butt, thighs and arms all share this reminder. Weird colors, spots, and lines mark the body. Insomnia. Round ligament pain, soft hips, shortness of breath, strange cravings, and the inability to fully fill your stomach ever. The list goes on.

But there’s this:


Utah Maternity Photographer

A miracle happening. Growing right before your eyes. Something that takes such little time in the stretch of life. Changes that come not only to your body, but to your SOUL. It is breathtaking when you consider the way your heart just grows beyond its own capacity, its own selfish intentions. The love and worry simultaneously rake your body. And that never, ever, ever goes away. You are magnificent, woman. You are beautiful, incredible, glowing, and a saint. The sacrifices you bring mean more than anything in life. Because you are a mother, celebrate. Remember the beginnings of how your life was changing. The metamorphosis of the heart.

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