It’s Valentine’s Week!

Hello beauties,

It’s Valentine’s Week. And for some of you that means getting ready for a HOT date night. YES! I love date night and try to get out regularly with my hubby.

Jason Joanna 5x7


Here’s us at our last family photoshoot. Queue the collective “awwww.” Yes, we’re adorable. 😉  (Thanks Sheryll for my favorite ever picture of us!)

Usually we do something simple (after a busy week of school, work, and kids, the last thing I feel like doing is getting creative for date night), but it’s still important to us to spend dedicated time with each other often. Valentine’s date night is a whole other story, however. This is a night that is set aside to honor and recognize the person you love. Of course we recognize that throughout the year. I’ve often heard people complain about the idea of Valentine’s Day and forcing you to celebrate something you do anyway. You know what? I say shush to the party poopers (in the nicest possible way, of course). I LOVE the idea of taking a day to celebrate your love and accomplishments as a team. You don’t have to buy into the commercialism if you don’t want to. Personally, I love any excuse to get dressed up and feel pampered and beautiful. I buy in, I tell you! I buy in!

Our Valentine’s plans are never over the top, but we do like to go to a nice dinner together. We like food…food pleases us, so that’s what we do! What do you do?

No matter what you do, my friend and professional peer, Mandy from Papa Rose Salon has given me a 4 great tips to pass along to you as you prepare this week for celebrating your love!

Valentines Tips


1. Use whitening strips to get your teeth ready. There are a number of on the shelf options for quick whitening for a gorgeous smile! Head over to Walgreens or CVS and check out the options.

2. Take extra time to put big curls or sexy waves in your hair. For now Youtube can give you some great tips, but stay tuned, we’ll have a video in the future about getting those curls to STAY!

3.  Wear a new shade of daring lipstick. Lip stains with some gloss will keep that color on all evening without drying out your lips. My new favorite? Revlon lip crayons. Go get one. Seriously.

4. Paint your nails in a feminine sexy shade. Your hands will be dressed up and you’ll feel confidently put together.

Stay tuned, some great lingerie options coming up midweek!

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